What the Fuel?

Like many in Miami Springs, I have an SUV and a pickup truck.  For a big family, that gives us room for the three kids, their friends, and room for cargo in the case of the SUV.  And the pickup has done its share of towing, carrying tons of sand, dirt, landscaping, etc.  In other words, we really use them.

Pero caramba.  With gas prices at all time highs, the monthly gas prices has become as high as a new car payment with no signs of improving any time soon.

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We took some photos of Miami Springs gas prices last night.  Here’s what we found.

Miami Springs Sunoco:  $4.599 / Gallon

Ouch.  Almost $4.60 / gallon.  That rounds to nearly 5 bucks per gallon.

30 Gallon fill up: $137.97
20 Gallon fill up: $91.98
10 Gallon fill up: $45.99

Sunoco gas prices May 16, 2022
Sunoco gas prices May 16, 2022

Miami Springs Chevron:  $4.299 / Gallon

The Chevron is more competitive with a price of about $4.30 / gallon.

30 Gallon fill up: $128.97
20 Gallon fill up: $85.98
10 Gallon fill up: $42.99

Chevron gas prices May 16, 2022
Chevron gas prices May 16, 2022

Miami Springs Westar:  $4.249 / Gallon

The Westar on the Circle is the lowest price we’ve seen matching the price we saw at BJ’s.

30 Gallon fill up: $127.47
20 Gallon fill up: $84.98
10 Gallon fill up: $42.49

Westar gas prices May 16, 2022
Westar gas prices May 16, 2022

What will bring prices down?

I’m not here to get political on you, but economics 101 dictates we need more supply.  Increased supply lowers prices.

In my humble opinion, we need to treat this as a national emergency and do everything possible as one country, both democrats and republicans, to increase the amount of available oil we can produce domestically as quickly as possible.

High fuel prices not only makes it painful at the pump (Literally, about $500 / month for two vehicles), but it also increases the prices of everything that gets delivered.  All your groceries get delivered to the store in a truck.  All your medicines get delivered in a truck.  Everything at Home Depot is delivered via truck.  In other words, these high fuel prices make everything else more expensive, too.

In addition to that, think of the City of Miami Springs Police Department and Public Works.  All those vehicles are costing a whole lot more to operate these days.  That will translate into either service cuts or higher taxes.

What do you think?  What will help to bring down these crazy gas prices?  Share your thoughts in the comments section or via social media.

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