At AIE Charter School, the 4th-grade students embarked on an exciting journey into the world of energy, thanks to the innovative teaching of Ms. Gonzalez. The young aviators dove headfirst into hands-on learning by constructing robot models that showcased various forms of energy.

Under Ms. Gonzalez’s guidance, students explored the realms of light, mechanical, sound, and other fascinating energy sources. Each budding engineer was tasked with the challenge of building their unique robot, carefully labeling them according to the specific energy they represented. The classroom came alive with the hum of creativity as some robots illuminated the room with radiant light, while others reverberated with the captivating sounds of energy in motion. The project not only sparked the students’ curiosity but also allowed them to apply their newfound knowledge in a fun and engaging way, turning their classroom into a hub of energy exploration and innovation.


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