There were nearly 65,000 new cases of the Coronavirus within the State of Florida over the last 7 days.  That’s the largest 7 day total since the pandemic began in the State of Florida.  The total number of cases has now reached over a quarter million.

New hospitalizations in the State of Florida also increased by 2,288 cases over the last week.  Obviously, that’s putting an increased stress in the state’s hospital system. Statewide fatalities also increased by nearly 500 deaths over the last 7 days.  That’s the biggest 7 day fatality count since the start of the pandemic.


Miami-Dade has jumped to over 16,000 new cases over the last 7 days.  That puts the total number of confirmed cases of the virus at over 60,000 since the start of the pandemic.  Miami-Dade had 241 new hospitalizations over the last week.  Fortunately, the number of weekly new hospitalizations in Miami-Dade has remained relatively flat.  This is important to ensure our hospital systems do not get overrun.  However, the number of new fatalities in Miami-Dade did reach a new high of 95 deaths within the last week.  That’s the highest weekly increase since April.


Locally, we had 151 new cases within our zip code over the last 7 days.  The total number of confirmed cases within zip code 33166 has now reached 671 cases.  Miami Springs represents 55% of the population within our zip code.  We can only estimate that Miami Springs has somewhere near 370 confirmed cases of the virus.


One more resident from Fair Havens died over the last week due to the Coronavirus.  This brings the total number of fatalities to 48 deaths since the start of the pandemic.  Fair Havens no longer leads the State of Florida as the nursing home with the greatest number of fatalities from COVID-19.  Hialeah Nursing and Rehabilitation Center has surpass Fair Havens this week with 49 total resident fatalities.

Fair Havens Coronavirus


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