Miami Springs’ Academy for Innovative Education (AIE) Charter School has burst onto the national stage, captivating the attention of NBC Nightly News with its groundbreaking approach to STEM education. NBC highlighted the visionary Captain Barrington Irving and his renowned “Flying Classroom” program featured at AIE.  “At Miami Springs’ Academy for Innovative Education the future is now.”  The story highlights the Flying Classroom program and how it is reshaping the educational landscape by igniting a passion for STEM disciplines and cultivating the next generation of scientific innovators.

Watch the NBC Nightly News video highlighting AIE and the Flying Classroom program below:

This extraordinary initiative transcends the boundaries of conventional learning, propelling students into exhilarating journeys of discovery and unleashing their untapped potential.

Much like Glenn Curtiss, the famed aviator and founder of Miami Springs, AIE is tapping into modern aviators, like Captain Barrington Irving, to help inspire the next generation of aviators.

The national exposure is further proof to the school’s commitment to “Innovative Education.”  We want to congratulate the administration, teachers, students and parents at AIE for their national recognition.  It’s shining a bright spotlight on their trailblazing institution, inspiring a wave of aspiring scientists, engineers, and innovators to push the boundaries of what’s possible.


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