If you spent your 20s and 30s eating junk food, drinking soda, and avoiding the gym like the plague, then your 40-year-old self might be in for a rude awakening. Sure, the younger version of you might’ve been able to handle all of that fast food and all those late nights, but your body after 40 needs more TLC (Tender Love and Care) if you want it to carry you well into your 50s, 60s, 70s, and beyond.

With that, we’ve rounded up a list of the health mistakes that you need to stop making as soon as you enter your 40s, if not sooner.

  • Having bad posture.
  • Looking at your phone too much, especially at night.
  • Viewing stress as something normal.
  • Living a sedentary lifestyle.
  • Not wearing sunscreen.
  • Focusing on exercise, but ignoring your diet.
  • Going on unhealthy diets.
  • Overexercising
  • Not exercising your brain.
  • Not eating enough protein.
  • Not eating enough healthy fats.
  • Not acting your age
  • Smoking
  • Not stretching
  • Not having health insurance.
  • Not getting enough sleep.
  • Not going to the dentist regularly.
  • Not getting an annual breast exam.
  • Eating out too often.
  • Not getting enough Vitamin D and magnesium.
  • Skipping breakfast
  • Not paying attention to your needs.
  • Not going to the doctor.

Folks, we’re coming out of a pandemic.  The biggest lesson from this pandemic is that people in great health can handle COVID much better than those who have ignored their health.  Start improving your health with a visit with your primary physician.

If you don’t have one or have not been happy with your physician, consider CIMA Medical Center conveniently located in heart of Miami Springs right on Westward Drive.

CIMA Medical Center Miami Springs

? (305) 885-0515 / (305) 800-6963
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