According to WSVN, VG residents are alleging that a porch pirate forcibly made his way into a VG residence to steal a package delivered by UPS.

The bizarre incident occurred along the 6600 block of NW 40th street in Virginia Gardens on Wednesday, May 29th at around noon.

Based on the information provided in the report, it appears that the alleged porch pirate, used fraudulent information from the homeowner to deliver pricey jewelry to the VG address.  It is our guess, that the porch pirate was tracking the delivery and waiting in the area.  We believe that once the porch pirate received notification of the delivery, he appeared at the victim’s door demanding the package.  That’s when he allegedly forces his way into the home to steal the package.

Virginia Gardens Police are investigating the incident.

Read the full WSVN report here.

Of course, we offer the following advice.  Don’t open the door to strangers.


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