Glenn Curtiss, a man of renown,
An inventor, a pilot, a true mastermind.
His accomplishments, so many to name,
A legacy of innovation, shall remain…

From motorcycles to aircraft, he paved the way,
With his designs, he took flight every day.
He conquered the skies, with his flying machines,
Breaking records, and making history seen.

Glenn Curtiss on his V-8 Motorcycle on Ormond Beach Florida 1907

Innovation was his driving force,
He pushed the limits, and changed the course.
His greatest achievement, without a doubt,
Was his work on aviation, and the industry it sprout…

He was a pioneer, ahead of his time,
A visionary, with an incredible mind.
Glenn Curtiss, an American hero,
His contributions, continue to grow…

So let us remember this man of renown,
And the incredible things he brought to our town.
His legacy, forever etched in time,
Glenn Curtiss, helped America climb.


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