Miami Springs has lots of beautiful homes.  Each home is unique unlike many modern cookie cutter communities.  Most homes were custom designed for the needs and wants of the original home owner.

Of course, many Miami Springs homes are 50 to 60 years old.  In many cases, homes have been well kept and updated.  In some cases, a new home owner has come in and decided to gut the entire home and rebuild the home, but retaining the existing skeletal structure.  In other cases, a family may have outgrown their home as their family grew.

In any of these cases, one company has done an outstanding job making Miami Springs homes more comfortable, more convenient, more practical, and more beautiful.  That company is BDC Construction.

BDC Construction has been serving Miami Springs for nearly 20 years.  Albert De La Vega, the owner lives right here in the bird section.

BDC understands the needs of Miami Springs residents.  The have years of experience and countless successful projects working with the City of Miami Springs building department.  They know the necessary steps to take to prevent delays and/or re-inspections.   They know how to make the permitting process smooth reducing the stress of construction.

BDC is also a standout at setting expectations, detailing the entire process, and staying in constant communication to make sure the homeowner is aware of where the project is at, step by step.  And when you’re working on older homes, like we have here in Miami Springs, it’s important to communicate the hidden surprises that often times do come up.  It can be prior work that was not made to code that may need reinforcement.

The beautiful thing about BDC is that they’ll be honest and forthright with what they find and provide you different options to make your dream come true.

Look, as a repeat client for BDC Construction, we are proud to work with BDC and have been extremely satisfied with the long term quality of their work.  BDC is not a fly by night company.  They are our neighbors.  And they are very proud of the quality work they do here in Miami Springs.

And frankly, the proof is in the pudding.  Drive around Miami Springs and you see homes being remodeled by BDC.  You see homes getting upgrades by BDC.  You see homes getting additions by BDC.  BDC continues to make Miami Springs a more beautiful community, one home at a time.

If you are dreaming of an addition, an upgrade, or a makeover, please do yourself a favor and call the professionals at BDC Construction.  They can guide you in the process with a free quote and quality craftsmanship you can count on for years to come.

Contact BDC Construction

Telephone:  305.888.5221



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