Cellphone Video Captures Fight at Middle School


A video posted to YouTube on November 12th shows a fight that purportedly occurred at Miami Springs Middle School.  The cellphone video is a little grainy, but it appears to show two girls who confront each other before one of the girls starts to throw blows.

Fortunately, it appears a member of the faculty was nearby and able to break up the matter relatively quickly.  No one appeared to be hurt by the blows, but the faculty member did have a nasty fall with both students.  It appears they missed hitting the corner of the wall when they fell.

See the video below:

NOTE:  Due to the nature of the video and lack of context by the original poster, it appears YouTube has removed the video and is no longer available.


  1. I attended MSMS (aka junior high) 1959-1962. The only fight I was ever involved in was one I was challenged to after school. My opponent never showed, nor did I ever witness such melees as these videos show.
    My first teaching jab was as a sub at the same school I had attended. It was the first year of enforced busing,
    and I taught almost every school day for someone, often teachers I had had as a student. I was a sad situation
    and apparently has gotten worse. I can also attest to the fact that after 20+ years teaching “at risk” kids, it has not gotten much better. Parents need to parent, kids need to listen. Fifty years of entitlement programs have not much of a dent. Law enforcement statistic seem to indicate that 13% of the population is driving
    roughly 70-80% of the major crime. Can we get 13% of the population to take responsibility for itself?


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