On Wednesday morning, the City of Miami Springs announced, that it would provide residents 65 and older with the COVID-19 vaccine at All Angels Academy.  However, resident seniors had to call the senior center no later than midday Wednesday due to the limited availability of the vaccine.

On Thursday, dozens of Miami Springs seniors were starting to get the COVID-19 vaccine.  Some of the seniors we spoke with were thrilled about the speed of which they were able to get the vaccine.  They also spoke of the kindness of all the employees distributing the vaccine at All Angels Episcopal Church.

All Angels

According to the City of Miami Springs, 500 vaccines were distributed at All Angels on Ludlam Drive.

We want to thank the Miami Springs City Manager, William Alonso, for working with the Florida Department of Health, Commissioner Rebeca Sosa, and All Angels Academy to provide this much needed hope and safety for our most vulnerable population, the seniors.  Thank you so much Mr. Alonso.  The community is grateful for your efforts.


For those seniors who did not receive the notice and/or could not get the vaccine, the City of Miami Springs posted the new Miami-Dade Vaccine Registration Hotline.  All Miami-Dade Country residents 65 and older can call 305.614.2014 and you will receive a call back to register so as vaccines become available, you will be called with an appointment.

VACCINE HOTLINE:  305.614.2014




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