New cases of COVID-19 continues to come down within our zip code.  we had 115 new cases last week.  That’s down from a high of 259 new cases 6 weeks ago.  Overall, our zip code has had 4,418 cases of the Coronavirus.  We estimate Miami Springs has had approximately 2,430 cases of the Coronavirus since the start of the pandemic.  That means about 17% of the Miami Springs population has already contracted the virus at some point during the pandemic.  As more and more seniors get the vaccine, we should see a continued decrease in fatalities from the virus.


New Miami-Dade COVID-19 cases dropped last week to 11,544 new cases.  That’s down from 19,265 cases just 3 weeks ago.  The number of new cases remains high, but it’s the lowest number we’ve seen since early December.

New COVID-19 hospitalizations dropped last week to 236 new hospitalizations. That’s down from 354 new hospitalizations 3 weeks ago.

we lost 134 people in Miami-Dade last week due to COVID-19.  That’s down from the recent high of 194 deaths 4 weeks ago.  We pray this number continues to go down as new cases keep dropping.


It’s good to see the trend of new cases continue to drop for the 5th straight week.  Florida recorded 57,770 new cases last week.  That’s down from the record of 100,848 cases set 6 weeks ago.

Unfortunately, fatalities remain high statewide.  We saw an increase in fatalities in Florida with 1,263 new fatalities last week.  That’s the second highest number of weekly fatalities statewide since the start of the pandemic.

Folks, if you can get the vaccine, get the vaccine.  Continue to wash your hands.  Practice social distancing.  Wear a mask.  New cases are coming down thanks in part to the vaccination program, some herd immunity, and people continuing to wear masks.  If we continue to wear a mask and get the vaccine, we may see life come back to some form of “normal” by the summer.


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