When Jaime Petralanda decided to run for Miami-Dade County School Board, he had to resign his seat as City Councilman.  The same thing happened when Mara Zapata resigned to run.  However, she resigned earlier which then forced the City to have an election to fill the Group III Seat.

Before the election for the Group III seat, the City of Miami Springs City Council voted to appoint George Lob to the seat.  He did a great job during the short stint until the election was completed and Walter Fajet won the seat.

Now, the 4 members of the Council (Bob Best, Maria Mitchell, Walter Fajet, and Billy Bain) had to choose a candidate to fill the seat until the end of the term in April.

Bob Best started the process and nominated Jaime Petralanda.  He felt it made sense for Jaime to finish the term for which he was initially elected.  Walter Fajet didn’t like the idea of resigning to run only to be placed back on the same seat.  He expressed that it went contrary to the whole concept of resigning to run.  When it went for a vote, Bob Best and Maria voted yes for Jaime Petralanda, but Billy Bain and Walter Fajet voted no.

Jaime Petralanda

Walter Fajet nominated George Lob.  George had already done a good job in the summer and he had expressed no interest in running again.  When it went for a vote, Maria Mitchell and Walter Fajet voted Yes.  Bob Best and Billy Bain voted no for George Lob.

George Lob

Billy Bain nominated Zavier Garcia for the City Council Group IV seat.   Best voted Yes, Mitchell voted Yes, Fajet voted Yes, and Bain (after knowing it had passed) voted No on his own nominee.

Garcia will fill the Group IV seat through April until the next municipal election.




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