Miami-Dade showed a slight increase in COVID-19 cases last week compared to the prior week with 11,785 new cases.

New hospitalizations was almost flat last week with 234 new Miami-Dade hospitalizations last week compared to 236 new hospitalizations the prior week.

However, we did see an unfortunate spike in fatalities last week with 191 new deaths in Miami-Dade County.


Our zip code (33166) saw a jump in new cases from 115 two weeks ago to 129 new cases last week.  That puts at 4,547 total cases of COVID-19 within our zip code since the start of the pandemic.  In Miami Springs, we estimate we’ve had 2,501 cases of the virus, or 18% of the Miami Springs population which has already been infected with the virus. It’s highly likely even more people have acquired the virus locally as some people do not show symptoms or have never been tested.


Fortunately, the state of Florida is continuing to see a decline from our record highs with over 50,000 new cases of COVID-19 last week.  That’s now 6 weeks of continuous decline in numbers statewide.


Unfortunately, fatalities have remained high statewide with 1,217 new COVID-19 fatalities last week. Folks, wear a mask.

Practice social distancing.

Take special precautions with seniors and those with pre-existing conditions.

If you are 65 and older, sign up for the vaccine.

Wash your hands regularly.

I sincerely believe the worst is behind us.  The vaccine is here and being distributed slowly, but surely to seniors.  By the end of Spring, we should see people under 65 starting to get the virus.  Hopefully by Summer, half the population may be inoculated.  That alone will dramatically decrease the ability of the virus to spread and cause harm.

We will get through this.

God bless you all and stay safe.


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