While cases might be climbing elsewhere and may still surge again after this Spring Break, right now, new cases in Florida are incredibly low.  The Florida Department of Health reported just 10,288 cases of COVID-19 last week.  More importantly, there were less than 100 COVID related fatalities across Florida with just 87 reported deaths.

As you can see in the chart above, the number of new cases has rapidly decreased since the peak in early January.

The chart above shows the number of Florida COVID deaths by week since the start of the pandemic.  You can see we’ve experienced two winter waves and two summer waves.  Will we see another summer surge this year?


If you’re young, healthy, not diabetic, and not overweight, chances are that you’ll be able to handle COVID without any issues.  The numbers below show the small number of fatalities in Florida among children under 16.  In fact, since the start of the pandemic there have been 17,751 fatalities for people under 65.  However, there were more than three times as many fatalities among those aged 65 and older.  Since the very first report we shared on COVID, this has been a disease that unfairly attacks seniors and the frailest among us.

Also noteworthy is the Case Fatality Rate for Men stands at 1.5%.   Whereas the CFR for women stands at 1.0%.  Looking at the numbers more closely you can see where 40,212 males have died from COVID compared to 31,642 females in Florida.  However, 3,117,332 women have tested positive for COVID compared to a smaller 2,623,583 cases for men.  Based on these numbers, it appears women are more likely to get tested for COVID than men.  Possibly, this is why less women have died from COVID than men.  Eventually, someone will figure out why there were about 30% more males that died from COVID in Florida than females.

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