Get your sleep now or get out of town for Spring Break.  Factory Town is hosting its first major event since the debacle we experienced late last year that led to sleepless nights,  countless police complaints, and a lawsuit from the City of Miami Springs against Factory Town.  Here’s the published schedule for this week:

  • Thursday, March 24th from 10pm till 10am on Friday, March 25th.  That’s 12 hours of non-stop boom, boom, boom.
  • Then Friday night’s schedule shows 1 party that starts at 5pm and ends at 1am, but they have another event at the same venue promoted from 10pm till 4am.
  • Then Saturday, they’re promoted a concert that starts at 6am March 26th and ends at 6am on March 27th.

Boom Boom Boom Factory Town Concerts Thursday - Sunday

Why does Miami Springs Care?

We actually don’t care much about what’s going on in Hialeah so long as it doesn’t intrude on the quality of life for Miami Springs residents.  The last major concert was a debacle that kept residents in Miami Springs AND Hialeah awake and restless.

More importantly, look at the map below.  Most of Hialeah residents didn’t hear squat from the Concert Venue known as Factory Town.  And you can see why, this concert venue is located to minimize the impact to Hialeah residents.  But it had a major impact on the ability of residents to sleep in Miami Springs as the thumping bass reverberated and shook the homes of hundreds of Miami Springs residents.

Hialeah Miami Springs Map showing sound from Concert

Have they fixed the issue?

We’ve heard that the folks at Factory Town have responded and claim that the issues have been resolved.  If that means Miami Springs residents will sleep unbothered this weekend, that would be wonderful.  We love the idea of Hialeah attracting party goers to help revitalize what is an old, run down part of Miami.  We love the concept so long as they’re able to properly contain the music without disturbing the peace and repeating the public nuisance issues they created at the end of last year.


  1. I don’t remember ultra having music playing so late in the evening hours. The city of Miami has a cut off time. Now Ask yourself why is the city of hialeah is allowing this to happen passed odd hours. Remember people can only take so much and especially nowadays.

  2. You need to publish the home telephone numbers of the Mayor of Hialeah and all of the council members so that we can make this as personal to them as it is to us.
    Calling Hialeah PD and complaining is a waste of time as it is to have discussions on the issue after the fact. 10PM to 10AM is nothing short of BRUTAL for Miami Springs residents.
    Perhaps our City Attorney has prepared an emergency Cease-and-desist order to be signed by a judge in case it is needed?


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