The State of Florida now has over 56,000 confirmed cases of the Coronavirus with over 10,000 hospitalizations and 2,451 fatalities.  The good news is that the number of daily deaths within the State of Florida has gone down from nearly 60 in early may to just single digits by the end of the month.  We pray this trend continues. 

Unfortunately, new cases within the State of Florida has been trending up the last few days.  Of course, the elderly are the most vulnerable, while those under 40 are the least vulnerable.  It’s important that we continue to protect the elderly with maximum care. 


Miami-Dade County has 18,000 confirmed cases or 32% of the state’s total.  Nearly 3,000 have been hospitalized in Miami-Dade for a 16% hospitalization rate.  Miami-Dade has lost 700 people to the Coronavirus or a 3.9% fatality rate.


Within our zip code, 33166, we have 310 confirmed cases of the Coronavirus, including 28 Fair Havens residents who died from the disease.



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