The State of Florida has over 20,600 cases with nearly 2,700 hospitalizations, or 13%.   The state has 470 recorded fatalities or 2.3%.

In Miami-Dade County, we have 7,241 cases of the virus with 544 hospitalizations or 7.5%.  Maybe we’re doing a better job testing in Miami-Dade County, but our hospitalization rate is far lower than the state’s rate.  Miami-Dade also has 97 recorded fatalities or 1.3%.  Again, the fatality rate in Miami-Dade County is far less than the statewide number.

This pandemic is reaching a global scale we have not seen in the modern era.  We’re talking about over 117,000 people who have been confirmed to have died from the Coronavirus. (The actual number is probably far higher.  Not all countries report the same way.)  In the United States alone, we have had nearly 23,000 fatalities.  Fortunately, Florida only accounts for about 2% of all the deaths in the United States.  Below you can see a list of the states with the highest amount of fatalities.  New York alone represents 41% of all the fatalities in the nation.

  • NY 9,345 deaths
  • NJ 2,348 deaths
  • MI 1,466 deaths
  • LA 837 deaths
  • MA 743 deaths
  • IL 719 deaths
  • CA 641 deaths
  • PA 557 deaths
  • CT 550 deaths
  • WA 506 deaths
  • FL 470 Fatalities
  • GA 429 deaths
  • IN 343 deaths
  • CO 289 deaths
  • TX 283 deaths

Closer to home, our zip code 33166 has 51 confirmed cases of patients with the Coronavirus, COVID-19.  Hialeah has nearly 900 cases.  We can’t stress this enough.  Wash your hands.  Cover your face with a mask.  Practice social distancing.  Wash your hands some more.  Let’s stop the spread of this deadly virus.


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