CIMA Medical Center in Miami Springs shares some of their best tips on how to manage Brain Fog, Memory or Thinking Problems. You may find it hard to concentrate or remember things, your thinking may be slower than usual, or you may feel fuzzy or forgetful.

Here are a couple of things you can do to handle the symptoms of Brain Fog:

  • Make notes to help you remember things – whether it’s in work meetings or medical appointments.
  • It can help to make a clear plan before approaching any new or complicated problem or situation. Break it down into steps, and keep checking your plan as you follow it.
  • Exercise – especially the kind that makes you breathe a bit faster and feel a bit warmer. Start gradually and don’t overdo it. Check with us before taking up a new exercise regime.
  • Eat for your brain health. A Mediterranean diet including olive oil, fruits and vegetables, nuts and beans, and whole grains has been proven to improve thinking, memory., and brain health.
  • Stick to the recommended alcohol limits or don’t drink at all.
  •  Try to get as much sleep as you need.
  • Try to do things that are known to stimulate the brain and also improve mental health – such as social activities, learning something new, and practicing mindfulness. 

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