We shared the reports of an attack on a woman this morning in the area between the railroad tracks on North Royal Poinciana Boulevard and the NW 74th Street overpass immediately west of Miami Springs.  (NOTE:  If annexation is successful, this area will become part of Miami Springs.). According to Miami Springs Police, the injured woman was described as a homeless female.  Police allege that she was attacked and robbed by a homeless male.  The homeless male allegedly stabbed the woman and then stole and fled on her bicycle.

Miami Springs Police Shut Down Traffic on N Royal Poinciana Blvd During Police Investigation
Miami Springs Police Shut Down Traffic on N Royal Poinciana Blvd During Police Investigation

The male suspect is described as a “white, latin male approximately 5’8″ – 5’9″ tall.  He has light eyes, a large nose, and a skinny build.  His nails were painted and he was wearing a hat.”

Miami Springs Police ask that you call them at 305.888.9711 if you see someone that matches this description.

Medley Police Responding to Crime Scene after Woman Stabbed
Medley Police Responding to Crime Scene after Woman Stabbed

Oscar Armando, shared the following account of what he saw:

“The wildest thing happened. As I was crossing the Miami Springs train tracks to Hialeah, I saw a woman covered in blood yelling out for help in Spanish. When I mean she was covered in blood, the lady looked like she was swimming in blood. She was wearing a blue dress, and had one shoe.

She seemed disoriented and trying to get in people’s cars. Not sure what to make of it. This happened today around 6:30a.

Not sure if she was a victim but I did not take my chances. I seen that horror movie before.

If anyone has cameras and live across the train tracks, review your cameras for anything that involves that lady.”

Armando further added:

“I finished speaking to 2 officers mins ago.

They said it was a woman stabbed and assaulted by a naked bald homeless man that lives nearby in one of the encampments. They are looking for the assailant with helicopters, but nothing yet. The woman was transported to the nearest emergency facility.”

Of course, this raises questions about homeless people setting up encampments under the railroad tracks and the under the South River Drive Bridge.  I’m sure whatever encampments are in the area will be removed, but maybe we should be more proactive in getting these tent cities removed as soon as we see them and not until after something tragic happens.

In 2020 a homeless man’s badly decomposed body was found in the Canal just west of Miami Springs.

Update on Body Found in Canal West of Miami Springs

And in 2021 a homeless camp was set ablaze under the train tracks just before the people living there were to be evicted.

River Cleanup of Homeless Camp Under FEC Train Bridge

Houston, we have a problem.  And it seems to happen once a year from this area.  Can we be more proactive going forward to prevent further injury and loss of life by eliminating these homeless encampments as soon as they popup?

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