The City of Miami Springs announced a change in the routes used by the Heavy Duty Dump Trucks that are entering and exiting the City of Miami Springs to remove accumulation at the Miami Springs Clay Pits.  Starting Monday, December 14, 2020, the dump trucks will no longer use the residential portion of Dove Avenue.  They will now use North Royal Poinciana Boulevard to enter and exit from Medley.  The trucks will sometimes also use Ludlam Avenue when the trains are blocking access to enter and exit from Medley.

Dump Truck on North Royal Poinciana Boulevard in Miami Springs
Dump Truck on North Royal Poinciana Boulevard in Miami Springs

Below is the original post explaining why Miami-Dade Water and Sewer needs the Dump Trucks to access the Clay Pits:

The City of Miami Springs released a statement regarding heavy duty dump trucks that will be entering in and exiting out of the city over the next 6 months.  Specifically, the trucks will be entering the city along Ludlam to Dove Avenue to the “Clay Pits” across from the high school, managed by Miami-Dade Water and Sewer.

Sunset over the clay pits / sludge lagoon in Miami Springs

The “Clay Pits” are also known as known by the less attractive name, the Miami Springs sludge lagoon.  As the name implies, sludge byproduct from the Water Treatment plant in Hialeah is pumped into the sludge lagoon.  About every 10 years, some of that byproduct buildup is removed via the heavy dump trucks.  No word on where the byproduct is dumped?

Hialeah Water Plant
Hialeah Water Treatment Plant

According to the City of Miami Springs, the dump trucks will be operating from 7am to 3pm Mondays through Thursdays.


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