With 100% of the precincts reporting, it’s official.  Walter Fajet is the winner of the Miami Springs City Council Seat III.  Fajet took 46% of the 3,013 votes cast.  Sandra Ruiz came in second with 775 votes or 26%.  Jasmine Gomez had 493 votes or 16%.  Fred Gonzalez had 12% or 354 votes.  Congratulations to Walter Fajet.  We also want to thank all the candidates and all the residents who came out to vote today.

County Mayor

As of 9pm, we’ve got a dead heat between Bovo with 113,130 votes and Cava with 113,200 votes.  Who said your vote doesn’t matter.

County Commissioner District 13

No surprise here, Rene Garcia leads the way with 77% of the votes.

Miami-Dade School District 5

Christ Fraga and Mara Zapata are neck and neck with 12,944 votes vs 12,995 votes respectively.  Jaime Petralanda lags behind with less than 9% of the votes.

More precincts have now reported and, as expected, Walter Fajet continues to lead with 1,171 total votes or 46% of all the votes.  Sandra Ruiz remains in 2nd place with 681 votes.

Miami-Dade County just updated the early votes and mail in votes for Miami Springs City Council Group III.  These results DO NOT include today’s election day results.

Here are the results so far:

  • Walter Fajet leads with 44% of the votes or 903 total votes.
  • Sandra M. Ruiz currently has 26.67% of the votes or 547 total votes
  • Jasmine Gomez has 17.7% of the votes or 363 votes so far
  • Fred Gonzalez has 238 votes or 11.60%

Fajet currently leads Ruiz by 356 votes and we don’t foresee him losing tonight’s election.

At this time, we’d like to congratulation Dr. Fajet on the projected win for City of Miami Springs Councilman.

Dr. Walter Fajet

We also want to thank all the candidates, including Sandra Ruiz, Fred Gonzalez, and Jasmine Gomez, for sharing their love of Miami Springs and doing their part to preserve and keep Miami Springs a beautiful place to live.

Digging deeper into the numbers, there were 2,051 votes cast via early voting and mail in ballots.  That is a very high number for a Miami Springs election, but with COVID-19, people have changed how they vote.  Fajet took the early votes with 140 total compared to second place finisher, Sandra Ruiz, with 85 votes.  In the mail in ballots, Fajet had 763 votes compared to Ruiz’ 462 votes.

We’ll add the election day results once they are available, but it appears most of the voting was done ahead of time with early voting and mail in voting.  That’s why we’re comfortable projecting Fajet as the winner this evening.

Of course, there will be more updates throughout the night as we get results in from the elections department.

Who’s the new County Mayor?

Stay tuned as we’ll update the results throughout the evening.



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