All Angels Academy will go back to school in person and on campus on September 8th according to a post on their social media platform.  Here’s what was posted:

“At All Angels Academy, we believe it is our responsibility to surround your child with brighter beginnings, bolder ideas, deeper faith, larger spaces, and closer friendships. On campus classes begin Sept 8, 2020”

We’re happy to see schools doing all they can to open up responsibly and attempting to get life somewhat back to normal.  As you know, Miami-Dade County Public Schools is kicking off the school year online.

As we all know, the reason school’s are opening up virtually is to prevent the spread of the coronavirus (AKA COVID-19).  However, the long duration of the quarantine is having a dramatic social impact, especially on children.  The socialization and friendships from school are sorely missed by the children who are growing up in isolation behind a computer screen and a cellphone.  Of course, we don’t want to ignore the virus or pretend it doesn’t exist.  But we are happy to see some schools doing their part to keep staff, students, and parents safe while attempting to provide a traditional in person education.

We wish All Angels Academy the best of luck as they kick off the school year.


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