Miami Springs Police confirmed that two people were shot on Monday, August 17th, at the Runway Inn in Miami Springs.  (This is the same motel where a 14 year old girl was reported rescued by the Miami Springs Police last week.)

According to Miami Springs Police, the 2 people who were shot were in stable condition and transferred to a local hospital.  The identities, age, sex, race of the victims was not shared at this time.  The suspect remains at large, but was believe to be out of the Miami Springs area.  The victim was last seen headed north in a White Crown Victoria, presumably towards Hialeah.

White Ford Crown Victoria
File photo of a white Ford Crown Victoria.


If you have any information regarding this incident, you may contact Miami Springs Police at 305.888.9711.  NOTE:  Miami Springs dispatch was haven phone issues this evening.  If you need immediate emergency help, please call 911.


  1. Good morning Laz Mo,
    I am a resident of the area, and I couldn’t agree more. We have had an influx of new people that are guest of the Runway Inn Miami Airport Hotel roaming the neighborhood. These guests are using our yard as toilet, breaking into cars, vandalizing property, using East Drive as their personal race track to race down the street at 60 mph, stealing mail, dumping their fast-food trash in the gutter, sleeping in cars, making drug deals on the street in broad daylight, prostitution / solicitation and drive by shootings – As I am sure you know not the first shooting.
    There is such an atmosphere of insecurity and fear in the entire area because of the type of business the Being conducted, that no resident dares to go out after the dark, not to mention that our children’s mental health and well-being is being compromised. I urge you to contact the local authorities (I have done so) and ask that they look into and address the situation.

  2. A task force must be formed with the assistance of MDPD due to MSPD manpower to start doing surveillance on these motels once this gets started believe me these people will go to someplace else for the meantime. It shows that we are doing something.
    Something needs to be coordinated before it gets worst. Only a suggestion.


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