The empty lot on the second block of Westward Drive will soon get a new multi-use office / apartment complex.  The City just approved a new multi-use building to be built on the one vacant lot on Westward Drive that would include first floor offices a pair of residential apartments on the second floor.

Everything in this building followed existing code requirements with the exception of…parking.  Here’s the variance request:

Request variance for section 150-016(E) (1) and (E) (4) in order to waive eleven of the fifteen (or 73%) required vehicular parking spaces. (Provisions of four vehicular parking spaces proposed).

THE PROPERTY: The parcels are rectangular in shape, with a width of 25 feet on Westward Drive. The subject parcels have a depth of 100 feet which abut to a 15 feet ally. The properties are 2,500 square feet in size (Each Parcel).


THE PROJECT: The applicant proposes the construction of a two-story mixed use development with 2,790 square feet of commercial/office space on the ground floor, and two 1,084 square feet apartments on the second floor.


The City Council unanimously voted in favor of the variance to allow the project to move forward. 


We like this small project and are generally in favor of the new office space being developed on Westward.  Four parking spots are not a lot.  Obviously the residents will be parking in those spots on weekends and evenings.  During weekdays, I’m sure the offices may use those spots with clients parking on the street.

Nevertheless, the city continues to trend towards less available street parking.  As the new decade approaches, and new projects (like the big downtown development) come online, we will start to see the impact on public parking made by prior councils who cannot be held accountable.


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