FDOT Traffic Study Initiated at 36th Street and 57th Avenue


The intersection of NW 36th Street and 57th Avenue is getting a much needed traffic study after several violent and even deadly accidents.  The Florida Department of Transportation responded to a request by Virginia Gardens Mayor, Spencer Deno, to take a look at ways to make the intersection safer.  Below is the full email from the FDOT:

Good morning Mayor Deno and Chief Hernandez,

The Florida Department of Transportation has received your concerns with safety at the subject intersection and your request for a protected-only eastbound left turn phase. Our office has initiated a traffic study at this location that will include field reviews/observations, review of crash data, level of service analysis, and provide a recommendation on how to proceed. Once our study has been completed, we will notify you of our findings.

The Department appreciates you bringing this matter to our attention and remains committed to addressing the community’s traffic and highway safety needs. Should there be any questions or comments, please feel free to contact our office at (305) 470-5335 or via e-mail at jennifer.borges@dot.state.fl.us.


Jennifer Borges, PE, PTOE, MSc
In-House Consultant – A&P Consulting Engineers

Florida Department of Transportation
District VI, Traffic Operations
1000 NW 111th Avenue, Room 6206A  
Miami, Florida 33172
Phone:(305) 470-5335
Fax:(305) 470-5815
Email: Jennifer.Borges@dot.state.fl.us

We are pleased to see the response from the Florida Department of Transportation.  This was in response to Mayor’s request for help as shown below:

“The Village needs your assistance. My Chief will be reaching out to you if he hasn’t already. There has been some serious accidents including fatalities at the intersection of Curtis Parkway (57 Ave) and NW 36 street over the years. Most of the accidents occur when the vehicles are heading east and are making a left turn to enter Miami Springs. 1 recommendation would be to only have a green and red arrow. The way the road curves at the intersection heading west may have something to do with the perception or mis-perception of the cars traveling west. I’m assuming a traffic study would need to be conducted by the county to get the ball rolling?

Thank you,



NW 36th Street Accident at Curtiss Parkway
NW 36th Street Accident at Curtiss Parkway – Photos Courtesy Mayor Deno
NW 36th Street Accident at Curtiss Parkway
NW 36th Street Accident at Curtiss Parkway – Photos Courtesy Mayor Deno

Unfortunately, this is far from the only accident at this intersection.   Below you’ll find some of the accidents we’ve documented near this intersection over the past few years:


On September 29, 2020, there was a fatal motorcycle accident just west of the intersection.

Details from Tuesday’s Fatal Motorcycle Accident


On February 23, 2020, there was a dangerous accident involving two cars.

Dangerous Accident at Deadly Intersection


On May 28, 2019, two teens were killed in a fiery wreck on NW 36th Street and 57th Avenue.

REPORT: Fatal Fiery Wreck Kills 2 Teens on 36th Street


On May 26, 2018, a driver was killed when his Lexus slammed against a pole near the intersection.

Deadly Accident on 36 Street and Curtiss Parkway Saturday





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