We would like to thank the Miami Springs Historical Society and all the volunteer Miami Springs residents for all the hard work they put into the Curtiss Parkway Flag project.  Many of you have been able to enjoy the display, but I suspect many haven’t noticed all the detail that was shared about the history of our community.

We wanted to memorialize the efforts from the Miami Springs Historical Society and we photographed each of the historical displays along Curtiss Parkway.  Below, we want to share that hard work from the Historical Society with the community:


Before there was a Gazebo (or Fountain) there was a Bandstand
Before there was a Gazebo (or Fountain) there was a Bandstand





NOTE:  There was a lot of hubbub about a non-linked, printed hashtags of #OneNation and #MiamiSprings.  At face value, One Nation reminds me of the Pledge of Allegiance where we say, “One Nation, Under God…”   I don’t find One Nation or the message of unity to be divisive.  In fact, it’s the opposite.  It’s trying to unite the country.

But you know, these days you can’t do anything or say anything without ruffling someone’s feathers.  If I use Twitter, the platform that started the whole hashtag movement and search for #OneNation I get a Tweet from the U.S. Soccer Men’s Team.  That’s not exactly controversial.

If I search #OneNation on Instagram I get a post from the Raiders football team.  Okay, I’m not a fan of the Raiders, but seriously, people were offended by this hashtag.


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It’s only if I Google the phrase #OneNation where I get a variety of search results that reference politics.  Because, surprise, some political organizations reference the phrase One Nation.

As Councilman Fajet clearly stated, nobody owns a hashtag.  If you Google #MiamiSprings, surprise, MiamiSprings.com comes up first.  Guess what.  Nobody ever comes to MiamiSprings.com because they are Googling a hashtag.  Google wasn’t designed for hashtag use.

If I search for #MiamiSprings on Twitter, I get some random post from 2018 that had 57 likes…and I probably use #MiamiSprings more than anyone else on Twitter, but my posts didn’t come up first.

I’m 100% certain the people who posted the #OneNation were just trying to unify the community.  Who could object to a phrase used in the pledge of allegiance?

As they say, “no good deed goes unpunished.”


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