UPDATE:  October 17, 2022 3:00 pm
We were able to speak with Police Chief Hernandez of the Virginia Gardens Police Department who gave us a few updates on the incident below:

  • The victim maintained that he was attacked by two men.
  • The victim only described the alleged robbers as two black males, but would not provide any further information
  • The victim claimed the robbers stole his backpack and phone.  (Not his shoes as reported earlier.)
  • Miami Springs & VG Police worked together and found two suspects, but the victim would not positively identify them as the ones that attacked him.
  • The victim did not provide any identification and was “sketchy” about giving personal information.
  • The sketchiness of the victim hinted at the victim being a possible illegal immigrant afraid of being deported if he provided too much information
  • VG Police Chief Hernandez stressed that the Department does everything possible to help victims.  VG Police are not here to detain victims of a crime.  They only want to help them.
  • Furthermore, he stressed that the local police do not deport or report victims of crime to I.N.S.  They want victims of crimes to be able to freely report any crime committed against them and prevent any abuse of an illegal immigrant.

If you have any information that can help V.G. Police, you can reach them at 305.871.3141.

ORIGINAL STORY:  October 17, 2022 8:36 am
We received a report that two men robbed a person at 3790 Curtiss Parkway this morning at approximately 3:08 am.  That’s the address for Bryson’s Pub in Virginia Gardens.

According to the initial reports, police responded to a 911 call of a person robbed of shoes at gunpoint.

Upon arriving at the scene minutes later, police were advised that two men robbed a person.  The report indicates the men were “last seen headed north toward Miami Springs on foot.”  The report also indicated that it was not clear whether the suspects had used a weapon in the alleged robbery.

Within 10 minutes (at 3:18am) a report came in that indicated police were holding the suspects at gunpoint and had requested additional units.

We have reached out to the Virginia Gardens Police Department to gain more information on the suspects and further clarify details about the early morning incident.  We will share the information once available.


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