Our thoughts and prayers go out the family and friends of long time Miami Springs resident, Miami Springs Senior High Alum, and old school mate, Amber Young.  According to a post on social media by her brother, Brian Young, Amber shot herself Monday night.

According to the post, the family made the decision to remove her from the life support systems.  She was transferred to end of life care.

Amber Young with her father (courtesy Facebook)
Amber Young with her father (courtesy Facebook)

Below, are some of the pictures with Amber Young during happier times at the annual River Cities Festival MEGA Reunion.

We are heartbroken to hear this news today.  We can only pray right now for Amber and her family.

According to our sources, Miami-Dade Police are currently leading an investigation on Fern Way where Amber Young was living.  Miami Springs PD is serving a support role.

Photo contributed by a MiamiSprings.com reader.
Photo contributed by a MiamiSprings.com reader.

Again, our thoughts and prayers go out to Amber and all her loved ones.

If you or someone you know need help call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

Don’t wait till it’s too late.


  1. May Amber Rest In Peace, I did Ambers nails for some time, & while I was a new manicurist in the hair stop, she gave me a chance, she understood why I took so long , she spoke to me, was not judge mental, always so kind to me. We understood each other in a different way. I always spoke to her about personal problems, & always listened to her as well. I loved seeing her and making her Cuban coffee in which she truly liked and wanted every time she was there. The only thing I am happy of is that she is no longer suffering. She will be always in my thoughts. Amber is a kind soul, and will always be watching over those who care for her. She was also such a strong woman. Condolences to her family. May amber Rest In Peace. All my love goes out to her.

  2. I am so sorry to hear this! I remember her from our school. My heart goes out to the family and our fellow MSSH Alum.
    Nestor, you are an excellent Publisher and I am glad we have you. My condolences to you, also, because I know this has probably been difficult to write. You are appreciated!

    • I will miss you so much every morning to see you at work my friend, from the bottom of my ❤ many memories, my beautiful lamp, your favorite color? like your name , that i have in my house very nice gift, a lot people will miss you, you always try your best to help our members at UPFCU, 100% ? life and God Always put people around to learn everyday . unforgettable my amiga gringa ?? ?


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