Special thanks to the Milam’s Market staff, management, and vendor partners for all the hard work and effort needed to restock the store in preparation for Hurricane Dorian.

As you can see the crew is busy restocking on bottled water for the Miami Springs and Virginia Gardens community.

Bottled water is obviously one of the most popular items to go quickly at the store.  These two men were working hard to service our community.

As you can see, you don’t have to go to one of the big club warehouses.  Your neighborhood grocer is well stocked with the supplies you need.

And Milam’s Markets doesn’t just have water.  They had displays with batteries, lighters, flashlights, burners and more.

Plus, thanks to Milam’s relationship with their suppliers, they had big rigs outside loading up even more supplies.

The parking lot, as you might imagine, was plenty busy.  If you don’t find parking at Milam’s, you can park behind the Farm Stores in the municipal lot.

Nevertheless, checkout was relatively quick as Milam’s had extra staff available to help with check out.

Again, we want to thank everyone at Milam’s Markets for their continued efforts to serve our community during an emergency situation.



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