In a recent milestone, MSSH Logistics attended the beacon council Trade and Logistics Committee Meeting, held at the renowned PortMiami and sponsored by FIU Business. The event’s focus on logistics, AI, and robotics was a perfect fit for their students, who were not mere observers but active participants, absorbing valuable insights.

The meeting provided their students with more than just theoretical knowledge—it was a bridge to industry leaders who shared their wisdom. These professionals illuminated the wealth of opportunities awaiting in logistics, AI, and robotics. The networking opportunity was particularly enriching, offering students a real-world glimpse into their potential careers.

A heartfelt thank you goes out to Stanley Rigaud, Attorney Jen, Cloudya Esther, and the entire beacon council Trade and Logistics team for their warm welcome and mentorship. Their support is invaluable in guiding their students toward their professional and career aspirations. The event’s central theme, “Artificial Intelligence and Robotics in the Logistics Industry,” was explored by a panel of esteemed experts, leaving MSSH Logistics excited about the possibilities that lie ahead in this dynamic field.


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