@OnlyInDade shared the following video of the accident that happened early this morning along NW 36th Street and 53rd Avenue in Miami Springs.  As you can see in the video, the SUV is facing east waiting to make a left hand turn to head north on Palmetto Drive.  The SUV driver waits for a small vehicle westbound vehicle to pass, possibly a Mini Cooper or Mini Cooper Countryman.  As soon as the Mini passes the intersection, you can see the SUV begin the make the left hand turn.  Unfortunately, behind the Mini was the Miami-Dade Police Department Motorman who was heading westbound in the same lane as the Mini.  it appears as if the driver of the SUV thought there was no other vehicle behind the Mini.  Instead of looking to make sure there wasn’t a vehicle before making the left, the SUV begins to turn left and instantly hits the motorman in a tragic head on collision.

MDPD Motorman Struck by SUV at NW 36th Street and 53rd Avenue
MDPD Motorman Struck by SUV at NW 36th Street and 53rd Avenue

We now know that the Miami-Dade Police Officer was transported to Ryder Trauma Center where he underwent surgeries after suffering severe injuries from the accident.  We pray for the officer’s speedy recovery.

WARNING:  The video posted by @OnlyInDade may be disturbing to watch.

Folks, this isn’t the first time someone making a left hand turn along NW 36th Street has injured a motorcyclists. Be careful out there. Pay attention to the road. It can save someone’s life.

Fortunately, Virginia Gardens Mayor, Spencer Deno, worked with the FDOT to make 36th Street and Curtiss Parkway a left hand turn on arrow only intersection. Since then, we haven’t seen this type of accident at that location.

VIDEO: Motorcycle Crash vs SUV on 36th Street / Curtiss Parkway

Mayor Deno Gets It Done





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