Factory Town in Hialeah, the venue that hosted an outdoor concert that kept Miami Springs residents awake, will again be hosting a new concert.  The next event is scheduled for Saturday March 26, 2022 and is promoted as a 24 hour Circus Celebration with multiple stages.  Furthermore, the event is described as using “the entire site of [Factory Town] in Hialeah.”  In other words, this will include outdoor entertainment.

Factory Town Circus Event in Southeast Hialeah: Photo Credit @FactoryTown_
Factory Town Circus Event in Southeast Hialeah: Photo Credit @FactoryTown_

In case you were away at the end of last year or living under a rock, the venue known as Factory Town, located at 4800 NW 37th Avenue, held a 4 day outdoor concert that ran from Thursday, December 2nd through Monday, December 6th at 5am.  Normally, Springs residents wouldn’t think twice about an outdoor Hialeah concert, but this venue, which used professional, concert grade audio equipment was so powerful, that you could hear the bass thumping throughout most of Miami Springs.  We had reports as far west as Ludlam.  And even homes with impact windows weren’t immune from the thumping bass as many reportedly couldn’t sleep because of the constant bass.  Read “Recap:  Sleepless in Miami Springs.”

Recap: Sleepless in Miami Springs

After the 4 day event concluded, Miami Springs Mayor Maria Mitchell met with Hialeah Mayor Esteban Bovo to address the overwhelming complaints from Miami Springs residents caused by the Hialeah Concert.  The City of Miami Springs also sent a nuisance letter to the parties involved.

Miami Springs Mayor Maria Mitchell and Hialeah Mayor Esteban Bovo
Miami Springs Mayor Maria Mitchell and Hialeah Mayor Esteban Bovo (Photo credit: Maria Mitchell Social Media)

This next event appears to be a single day event, but as we said earlier, it’s promoted as a 24 Hour experience.  Does that mean we’re going to hear the bass thumping non-stop for 24 hours?  We don’t know.

Will the venue implement a noise mitigation plan to allow Miami Springs residents a peaceful night’s sleep?

We just found out about this event and wanted to give the community a heads up of what’s coming.  As more details emerge, we’ll share that with the Community along with any response from the City of Miami Springs.


  1. It is time for Miami Springs to find a competent attorney and file an injunction against this event until they can guarantee that our quality of life will not be impacted. Make them post a substantial bond.


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