We recently had the opportunity to interview Coral Gables Commissioner, Jorge Fors, who’s in a runoff race for the Miami-Dade County Commission District 6 Seat.  This is the County Commission Seat that is currently held by Rebeca Sosa.  Sosa is term limited so she can’t run again.  Thus we will have a new County Commissioner representing our district after the November 8th election.

Jorge Fors was gracious to invite us into his Coral Gables Law Firm Office.  We discussed campaign funding, endorsements, experience, the future of Miami-Dade Transportation, resident concerns, campaign surprises, and some fun personal questions outside of politics.  Watch the Jorge Fors interview below:

Fors shared in the interview above that he was recently endorsed by Miami Springs Mayor Maria Mitchell, his former opponent and Miami Springs Councilman Victor Vazquez, and Miami Springs Councilman Bob Best.

Miami Springs Mayor Mitchell and Council Members Bob Best and Victor Vazquez endorse Jorge Fors for Miami-Dade County Commission
Miami Springs Mayor Mitchell and Council Members Bob Best and Victor Vazquez endorse Jorge Fors for Miami-Dade County Commission

As you can see in the video above, Fors had warned of consequences over some of the negative campaign practices that had painted Fors as a criminal.  Well, Fors wasn’t bluffing.  Last night, Jorge Fors announced he filed a defamation lawsuit against Kevin Marino Cabrera.

Fors Law Firm in Coral Gables
Fors Law Firm in Coral Gables

Here’s the press release from Jorge Fors:

Commissioner Jorge For files Defamation Lawsuit Against Cabrera

Jorge Fors, a Coral Gables commissioner and candidate for Miami-Dade County Commission
District 6, filed a lawsuit this afternoon against, Kevin Marino Cabrera, his campaign consultants, and various political committees used to launch defamatory attacks and disseminate doctored images of Fors.

“I won my current seat in 2019. I know South Florida political campaigns can get ugly, but this is beyond the pale. Enough is enough,” Fors said. “Cabrera showed us he will do or say anything, even outright lies, to get elected,” Fors continued. He added: “Cabrera’s consultants have been sued many times over the years for similar defamatory tactics, including in several other elections just this cycle. I won’t allow them to continue defaming me to elect career lobbyist Cabrera our next Commissioner. The residents of Miam-Dade County deserve better.’

In addition to Cabrera – a lobbyist who was registered to represent numerous clients in Miami-Dade County and in Tallahassee – the suit also names Anthony Pedicini, a Tampa-based political consultant with a history of legal trouble. Pedicini’s associates are Thomas Piccolo and David Miller. Their umbrella company is Simwins, LLC. Together, they operate numerous Political Committees, including Save Our Quality of Life PC, Citizens Alliance for Florida’s Economy, PC.  Political operative, Alex Miranda, and the company he operates out of Miami Beach, Miranda Advocacy, LLC, are named as co-conspirators as well.

The complaint states that the defendants are responsible for the “publication and dissemination of various, written defamatory statements and implications in the form of political mailings and text messages, and a civil conspiracy involving the Defendants in furtherance of a plan to defame Jorge Fors for the purpose of improperly and unlawfully influencing the outcome of the 2022 elections for Miami-Dade County Commission through the use of such statements and disinformation.

Fors sent a Cease & Desist Notice which demanded that Cabrera’s camp edit or remove a website designed to spread the lies. Although Cabrera’s camp claimed they lacked knowledge of the website, and were not responsible for its creation, the website was removed within 24 hours of Fors’ Cease and Desist Notice. However, members of Cabrera’s camp are notorious for switching their language or format and the lawsuit is brought to prevent further deceptive defamation.

Fors is seeking compensatory damages for the false information Cabrera and his supporters have circulated to thousands of voters in District 6 via mail pieces, text messages and internet publication. Mike Beltran, a West Florida attorney retained by Fors, is known for suing powerful interests and also for winning defamation claims. Just last week, Beltran obtained a Jury Verdict in Florida Circuit Court for defamation, with a specific finding of actual malice, by an employee of one of the largest retirement communities in Manatee County.

Fors is Past President of the Coral Gables Bar Association and a member in good standing of the Florida Bar. For the avoidance of any doubt, Fors has never been “arrested,”
“incarcerated,” or “investigated [for] fraud.” Nor did Fors “refuse[] to pay [any] property taxes,” as dark money special interests falsely and repeatedly claimed. Instead, Cabrera photoshopped a depiction of Fors in a jail cell, handcuffed and wearing an orange jumpsuit. Furthermore, Fors has never received a single campaign contribution from the motel industry. Nor did Fors oppose regulation of hourly motels

For was first elected Coral Gables Commissioner in 2019 after ousting a longtime city leader in a runoff. Earlier this summer, the South Florida Police Benevolent Association, the Fraternal Order of Police of Florida, the South Florida Council of Firefighters, and term-limited District 6 Commissioner Rebeca Sosa, each endorsed Fors, along with numerous other local leaders and organizations.

“I decided to run for Miami-Dade County Commission because I love the community my wife and I are choosing to raise our three daughters in,” Fors said. “I filed this lawsuit only reluctantly, after much reflection, and after tolerating numerous similar attacks during the Primary election. This legal action is now unfortunately necessary to clear my name after relentless attacks by special interests who fear my Miami-Dade County first policies.

Previous Jorge Fors Interview

Want to learn more about Jorge Fors?  You can watch our first interview with the candidate we conducted prior to the August election.

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Kevin Marino Cabrera Interview

Learn more about the opposing candidate, Kevin Marino Cabrera, by watching the video we conducted with him at the Miami Springs Country Club. Watch the video below.

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