The Prince Field Tot Lot Playground will be closed for the remainder of the summer as the City of Miami Springs reconfigures the playground to make room for the new Senior Center.  The City estimates the Tot Lot will be closed for approximately 4 months.

Three years ago (back in 2016) the City of Miami Springs removed the old tot lot built by the community.  The city paid an estimated $319,000 for the removal of the old wooden playground and for the installation of the new plastic playground we have today.

However, at the recent May 13th Council Meeting, the City of Miami Springs agreed to pay Leathers and Associates $329,217.60 to disassemble, store and then re-assemble the playground in a new configuration to make space for the Senior Center expansion.  Yes.  You read that right.  It’s going to cost us more to disassemble, store, and re-assemble the playground in the new configuration than it did to remove the old playground and get a new playground.  But don’t worry, for the $329,000 price tag, we’re getting new swings this time.



So, basically we’re paying double the original price of the playground just to move it around for the Senior Center expansion.  That puts the price tag for the Prince Field Tot Lot at $648,217.60.  That kind of money can buy a pretty nice home with a pool and a playground in Miami Springs.

But wait.  There’s more.

The City of Miami Springs agreed to pay Leathers and Associates another $127,400 for poured in place rubber safety surface.  (For the record, we like the addition of the rubber surface to the playground, but would have liked to see some competitive bids to drive the price down.)

So here’s the rundown of the Prince Field Tot Lot costs:

  • 2016 demolition and installation of new tot lot:  $319,000.00
  • 2019 removal, storage, re-assembly + new swings:  $329,217.60
  • 2019 addition of rubber flooring:  $127,400.00

TOTAL TOT LOT COST:  $775,617.60

Tot Lot

Of course, this begs the following question.  Would you ever pay for a tot lot twice in three years just for the purpose of moving it?

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