The Leonard Real Estate Group is known as the #1 producing real estate team in our beautiful Miami Springs.  They work hard every day to help buyers find their perfect new home.  They especially love finding a new home for growing families.

Recently, the Real Estate Team found a new home for an especially fast growing new family.  We’re talking about a special mama duck that has laid her eggs just outside the Leonard Real Estate Team’s Westward Drive office.

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You can see the Mama duck and the Papa duck looking over the nest.

Here you see one of the ducks acting as a sentry for both the nest and the Leonard Real Estate Group’s front door.


The real estate team is currently on hatch watch and will share pics with the community of the new ducklings once they hatch.

Are you looking for a nest of your own?  

The Leonard Real Estate Group is here to help you find a new home or help you sell your current home.  Call the Leonard Real Estate Group at 305.726.8416 or visit their website at

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