The Science Channel show, How Do They Do It, goes behind the scenes to discover how to do and produce the things that form our modern world. A sister production, How It’s Made is a show of at least 32 seasons produced in Canada and shown here. After watching conscientiously and applying the given information, a viewer could probably build a whole new ‘Miami’ from the ground up. It’s produced in Canada because American industry doesn’t want you to know how it produces what it produces. You don’t want to understand their sausage making process and find out what goes into a hot dog. When you can’t pronounce the ingredients, don’t eat it.

The more interesting question is Why Do They Do It, A show I just made up, that asks why people do the offbeat, loony and stupid things they do. You would figure that on a planet of 7 billion people, there would be some anomalies.

Have you ever noticed the license plates with those small yellow registration stickers on every corner of the plate? ‘Why do they do it?’ The short answer is, they can’t follow the instructions that say place in upper right-hand corner. Note to men: I know we don’t need a damn instruction book to tell us what to do, nor do we need a map when our basic instincts will do! Stay away from these drivers. These are the ones who turn for no apparent reason, use 4-way flashers in the rain and keep their middle finger in an upright position while on the road.

Why is the newest trend among teens in Japan eyeball licking? It’s also known as oculolinctus or ‘worming’. Japanese teens show their affection by licking the eyeballs of their partner. Why do they do it? Because anyone can kiss on the lips. Coincidentally, there is a rise in Japanese teen conjunctivitis, and eye-chlamydia.

Why do Facebook users post pictures of their latest meal? Technology enables us to share but seeing your eaten/uneaten food is not ‘sharing’. You’re either showing off culinary expertise or the best deal at a Red Lobster. Show me the clean plate. No one wants to see how happy your friends are, eating at a destination restaurant in some exotic location. It makes our own lives less special.

Also, word up to advertisers on social media who post cryptic pronouncements that portend something ominous or earth shaking that should at least have the words click bait on it. Be aware of titles like Some things are well worth the wait!’, Just got the best news ever! So excited!!’ Why do they do it? See previous answer.

At the airport, people sometimes stand as close to the boarding gate as they can, even when they know they’ll sit in a row that’s called last. Why do they do it? In the remote case that the boarding rules changed at the last minute for the slow to catch on.


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