The Turner Guilford Knight (TGK Jail) will not see an increase in jail beds.  I’ll repeat. The TGK facility will NOT see an increase in jail beds.  Instead, the increase in jail beds will happen at the Metro West facility out near the Everglades.  This is great news for our community and it avoids the nightmare scenario of a TGK expansion.



TGK will continue to be used as the Centralized Intake and Release Center.  In other words, criminals from across the entire county will continue to be released from the TGK facility.  Most of the releases do require transportation and go back to their homes, but when one location is processing thousands of arrests, it becomes a numbers game.  Inevitably, some of the folks released from TGK end up meandering into Virginia Gardens and Miami Springs.

There will also be Four Courtrooms added to the Training and Treatment Center adjacent to TGK. Plus, a parking garage and video visitation will be added to the facility.


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