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Miami Springs Inventor Needs Your Help

The Aguila Family needs your help!
It only takes 2 minutes!
Rick Aguila is a family man and an inventor
who was born and raised in Miami Springs.
Rick invented a new and improved piñata.
It’s called the “Springñata”.
His invention has been submitted to the
new reality invention show,
QUIRKY shown on the Sundance Channel.
With enough votes, our dream can come true of being featured on the hit show!

It’s easy to help. Here’s how.
1) Go to www.quirky.com/ideations/113999
2) Register and Sign in
3) Cast your vote for the Springñata invention and don’t forget to comment!
(Voting can also be done through Quirky’s Facebook page).

You Can Make The Difference!
Please share with your friends & family!
Every vote counts!
Thank you so much for your help!

Do you have any feedback?
You can reach us at www.facebook.com/theaguilafamily
Or theaguilafamily@att.net.




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