Video Captures Alleged Crook Stealing Garden Equipment from Trailer on Falcon Ave


David Berman posted the following video to the Miami Springs Community group on Facebook.  The video is not the best quality as it is a video from one camera shooting video shown on another camera. Regardless of the quality, you can see where a small sedan is parks by the trailer.  A man gains access to the trailer and then proceeds to take 2 weed eaters, 2 blowers, and a chainsaw out of the trailer and into the vehicle.  The incident takes just seconds and then the alleged perpetrator is gone.

Here’s the original comment posted by David Berman:

“These scumbags stole my equipment today help me find them and put them in jail and if someone recognize these garbage please let me know or the car thank you”

Based on the time stamp and comment posted online, the incident occurred on Thursday, September 12.  According to David Berman, who posted the video, the incident occurred on Falcon Avenue within the bird section of Miami Springs.

If you have any information about this incident, you are urged to contact the Miami Springs Police Department at 305.888.9711.

Remember, you don’t have to wait until a crime has been committed.  If you see anyone who may appear to be suspicious or out of place, the police department encourages you to call them at 305.888.9711.



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