David Ovalle, a resident at 32 Hammond Drive in Miami Springs, Florida, shared this video showing an alleged burglary at his home.  The video depicts a white Ford F-150 regular cab with long bed work truck that initially drives by the home.  Then the vehicle stops at the driveway.  The driver gets out and heads to the front door.  Then the driver goes around the side of the home.  The next clip shows the driver positioning his truck to block the view of the front door.  Then it shows the driver entering the home and then exiting the home with a TV set and placing it in the truck.  Finally it shows the driver leaving the residence.

Here’s the post made by David Ovalle on the Miami Springs Community News page on Facebook:

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“FOLLOW UP: Here is surveillance footage of the burglary to my home at 32 Hammond Dr., on the afternoon of Tuesday, Nov. 20. You’ll see the intruders were in a white Ford F-150 pickup truck with a ladder in the back. My guess is they are workers in the area, or were posing as workers. Keep an eye out for them. The video is edited down for time – in all, they were at the house for 23 minutes, making entry through a back door after jumping a fence obscured by a mango tree. If anyone has info, call the Miami Springs police detective bureau at (305) 887-1444.”

Here’s the original post made by David Ovalle on November 23rd:

“BURGLARY – Guys, my house at 32 Hammond was burglarized sometime between 1 p.m and 8 p.m on Tuesday. Whoever broke in parked a vehicle on the circular driveway, jumped the fence shielded by a mango tree and jimmied open the back door. The intruders were in and out – they only stole my big screen TV, a Roku, an Atari game consul, a Bluetooth speaker an old film camera. Springs cops were great. They responded quickly and dusted for prints. I share this so you can be vigilant of daytime thieves. My guess is they saw me leave around 1 pm and they look like any other contractor or lawn guys working during the day. Deadbolt those doors, and take precautions. I’m new to Miami Springs and am to totally bummed because the neighborhood has been great so far. Happy holidays friends, and stay safe. — D”

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