The Academy for International Education Charter School (AIE) was established in 2011. It was an innovative venture on the part of Miami-Dade County Public Schools, to open their own charter school that would be managed by the school district. The school is one of several offerings that Miami-Dade County Public Schools has available to parents. For the last 11 years, AIE has been serving students in this community. The purpose of the school is to provide a small school environment for parents and students who feel they are best served by a small school atmosphere. The expansion from a K-8 to a high school, was approved 3 years ago, due to demand from parents who wanted the option to keep their children in this type of quaint and familiar learning environment. While we provide dynamic and engaging experiences to our students inside the classroom and out, our expansion to serving high school grades will not compromise our  goal of remaining a small school. The total number of students in our high school is under 130, which is a fraction of what a traditional high school has. There will be no traditional marching band nor football stadium. That is by design. The goal is not to compete with larger schools in the area, but to provide a niche for parents who seek a more intimate environment where their children can receive personalized attention.

The construction that the resident is referring to, is an asphalt pad that is being laid to accommodate 1 outdoor basketball court for our students to use during Physical Education. The project is modest in scope and will be completed very shortly. Outside of the prepping of the ground and the laying of the asphalt, there isn’t much to be done that will make noise. Nevertheless, the school will talk to the company doing the installation to ensure that work does not start before regular school hours in order to avoid any undo nuisance to nearby residents. We pride ourselves on listening to the concerns of the residents in the community we serve. As mindful neighbors, we encourage anyone with concerns to call me directly at 305-883-3900. The school will also be hosting a Zoom meeting, this Wednesday evening at 7pm, for any residents who wish to convey a concern or receive more information about the school and its plans.

Feel free to join us at the following Zoom Link:

Vera Hirsh, Head of School

Academy for International Education Charter School
Managed by Miami-Dade County Public Schools

The letter above was in response to a letter we received with Concerns over High School Expansion at AIE.  Click the link below to read that letter:

Concerns over High School Expansion at AIE

If you wish to publish your community concerns, you can do so by emailing:


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