Over the last week, our zip code, 33166, had an additional 150 confirmed cases of the Coronavirus.  That puts the total number since the start of the pandemic at 1,552 cases.  We estimate Miami Springs has around 854 confirmed cases of the Coronavirus.

We’re happy to report, there were no new fatalities from Fair Havens last week.


The Florida Department of Health reported nearly 13,000 new cases of the virus. That’s a high number, but lower than the peak of over 20,000 new weekly cases a few weeks back.  Of course, we know that there was a big lab that reported their numbers late last week.  So the increase in total cases is skewed higher because of this.

New hospitalizations have come down in Miami-Dade County.  There were 465 new hospitalizations last week which is down from the peak of 673 new cases.

Miami-Dade County had 192 new fatalities from COVID-19 last week.  That’s down from the peak three weeks ago of 295 fatalities.  We want to see this start stepping down further.

NOTE:  The fatality rate in Miami-Dade County is relatively low at just 1.4%.  That’s a 98.6% survival rate.



The trend is looking good for the State of Florida with fewer cases reported last week.

There were just over 40,000 new cases reported in the State of Florida last week.  Again, that’s still a high number, but less than half of the number we saw in mid-July.

Unfortunately, the number of new fatalities in the State of Florida did hit a new high with 1,401 new fatalities in Florida.  That puts the total number of fatalities in the state at 9,587.  The Florida fatality rate stands at 1.7%.

The state with the highest number of fatalities remains New York with over 32,000 fatalities.  New Jersey has nearly 16,000 deaths.  California has over 11,000 fatalities followed by Texas with 10,467 deaths.




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