With the cold chill we had over the weekend, we did indeed have some lethargic “frozen iguanas”.  A member of the Miami Springs Community shared this picture of a lifeless iguana outside the beautiful Miami Springs Golf and Country Club.

Big Frozen Iguana at Miami Springs Country Club
Big Frozen Iguana at Miami Springs Country Club

Some of the iguanas don’t survive the cold weather especially if it’s prolonged for several days.  You might have noticed that it was a very sunny day yesterday and the bright sunshine will definitely revive many of these iguanas.

This morning we were back to lows in the 40s, but we’re expected to have highs back in the 70s.  That will definitely help out the iguanas.

Nevertheless, local animal rescue champion, Laney Silver, was doing her part to rescue some an iguana from the shivering cold of 2022.


Green iguanas are not native to Florida and are considered an invasive species due to their impacts to native wildlife. Like all nonnative reptile species, green iguanas are not protected in Florida except by anti-cruelty law and can be humanely killed on private property with landowner permission. This species can be captured and humanely killed year-round and without a permit or hunting license on 25 public lands in south Florida.


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