Theo Karantsalis reported in The Miami Herald of a gunpoint robbery at the Aladdin Hotel in Miami Springs on Thursday, March 28th

According to the article, it involves a new way to steal cash.  Transferring money via cell phone app.

Here’s how it worked, the male victim entered “Room 305” of the hotel with a young woman he had met online.  The woman stepped out of the room momentarily only to return with a male accomplice to make the digital robbery.  According to the article, the male accomplice pointed a gun at the victim and demanded cash.  The victim didn’t have any, so they stole his phone and transferred money digitally via a cash app.

However, Miami Springs police were able to trace the communications and were able to arrest the two suspects who were in another room at the hotel.

Read the complete story by Theo Karantsalis at:

This is by no means the first major crime at the hotel. In January, there was a sexual assault at the hotel.



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