Chickens have recently been introduced to the City of Miami Springs.  They’ve been seen along the Circle, Canal Street, and North Royal Poinciana Boulevard.

Chicken Running Around Miami Springs Circle

The introduction of chickens is part of the broader attempt to increase the amount of wildlife within the city.  The city is known for having lots of birds, parrots, iguanas, ducks, squirrels, opossums, alligators, foxes, and more.  Now they can add chickens to the list.

Miami Springs Rooster

The new program funded by the FPC (Florida Poultry Commission) is intended to increase public awareness of poultry.  While residents love eggs in the morning and maybe some fried chicken at night, the introduction of the chickens will bring more awareness of how chickens interact with our local environment.

One FPC official was quoted as saying, “Residents shouldn’t have to wake up to an alarm clock.  Nature gave us roosters who will do the job for you.”

Some residents have been concerned that people may try to harvest the animals.  They need to be reminded that Miami Springs is a bird sanctuary and it is illegal to capture and / or harvest birds within city limits.

The program has quietly been active for some time, but officially launches on Monday, April 1st.  Happy April Fool’s Day!

NOTE:  That is a real chicken running around the Circle and it really is illegal to harvest birds in Miami Springs.  Any reference to the Florida Poultry Commission was made in jest.


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