has featured a political forum for the last 20 years.  While there were some upgrades over the years, it was basically the same platform for the last 2 decades.  Throughout that period, we’ve seen a wide variety of debates on elections both local and national.  We’ve seen national debates like the Black Lives Matter movement and the summer riots of 2000, to local issues including downtown development, crime, and various government projects.

We’ve just launched a new forum that has far more features including the ability to add images, improved abuse reporting, sharing, and editing.  Only time will tell if the new changes are adopted as widely as the old forum, which literally had tens of thousands of posts per year.

Some of the new features include:

  • Ability to reply within a thread
  • Ability to subscribe and receive email alerts on a topic
  • Ability to share a post to social media
  • Unique URLs for each post
  • Better formatting of posts
  • Improved Abuse Reporting
  • Ability to include links

Of course, we can always bring back the old forum, but we want to try some of the new features that enhance the ability for residents to express themselves.


In addition to discussing politics, the new forum will add new topics including lost and found pets, items for sale, yard sales, and more topics we’ll add based on your usage.


Is the new forum anonymous?  Yes.  We have no way to verify your identity.  If someone creates a user name, “Michael Jordan” we have no way to confirm that person’s identity.  So, even though we now have “user names” the new forum, just as the Internet as a whole, remains anonymous.





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