National Breakfast Week is an important event that highlights the importance of a healthy breakfast and its impact on our mental and physical well-being. At Miami Springs Senior High School, the Mental Health club, students, and cafeteria staff from Miami-Dade Schools collaborated to learn how breakfast and lunch are prepared and how to develop healthy eating habits.

The students were excited to learn about the different food groups, their nutritional values, and how to create balanced meals. The cafeteria staff provided valuable insights on how they select and prepare ingredients, emphasizing the importance of fresh, whole foods. They also shared tips on how to reduce food waste and make the most of leftovers.

Through this collaborative effort, the Mental Health club and students gained a better understanding of the connection between food and mental health. They also developed practical skills to make informed choices about their diet, which will serve them well beyond National Breakfast Week.

We are proud of their partnership with the best cafeteria staff in town, who are dedicated to providing healthy and nutritious meals to our students. Together, we are committed to spreading and promoting healthy habits with a positive school environment that supports the well-being of our entire community.


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