It is with great sorrow that friends and family announce the passing of, Robert James Loucks Jr, long time resident of Miami Springs. He left this world suddenly on August 22, 2022, at the age of 48.

Robert Loucks, Jr.
Robert Loucks, Jr.

Robert grew up in Miami Springs spreading joy and laughter to all who knew him as a young adult. He was known for being part of the comedic duo “Robert and Carlos”. The two of them hosted the MSSH Morning News during their high school years at Miami Springs Senior High. Robert and Carlos competed in drama competitions throughout the state of Florida, winning multiple Outstanding Achievement awards for their pantomime. They were
innovators in using video to capture and create humorous stories that engaged the entire school, including teachers and administrators. Robert was a central part of social gatherings and always had a joke to tell or a hug to give.

Robert Loucks celebrating Christmas
Robert Loucks celebrating Christmas

After graduating from MSSH in 1992, he went on to earn his Masters of Social Work and became a Licensed Clinic Social Worker in the State of Florida. His specialization was counseling teenagers who suffered with severe addiction and substance abuse. He served the South Florida area for over 10 years.

A memorial will be held in Miami Springs and announced at a future date.

Editor’s Note:  As a classmate of Robert’s, we were deeply saddened and surprised to hear of his loss.  He was always a fun and friendly individual that loved to make you laugh. We pray the Lord gives Robert’s family the strength they need during this difficult time.  I hope they know Robert left a fond memory in the hearts of so many.

For those who don’t know, Robert Loucks and Carlos Mendoza were a comedic duo at Miami Springs Senior High.  The duo always pulled off the best skits on stage.  They always made the entire auditorium roar with laughter.  Even the school administrators couldn’t resist laughing from the comedic performances.   In addition, the comedy duo were well ahead of their time with creating comedic video sketches.  These guys created viral videos back in the early ’90s.

Rest In Peace Robert!




  1. Rob is a friend and will be missed greatly. He made greater impressions than I think he was aware of. And, I know those impressions will continue to ripple in many people’s lives… Much appreciation to him.

  2. My deepest condolences to Robert’s family. My prayers are with him and his family. May God receive his sweet smile and joyous spirit in heaven.

  3. This news made me cry as soon as I read it. I was thinking to myself, “You know who could probably cheer me up after hearing news like this? Robert. If he hadn’t gone and died.” Dang. Thanks for all the laughs you did bring us all during your lifetime, though. Many decades from now I hope to see your new videos on the morning announcements in Heaven.

  4. This is very sad to hear. He was a special person that made many smile. Thank you for posting such a nice obituary about him with so many happy memories.


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