Dear Editor

Agree 100% with your comments Nestor to improve this community, especially in conjunction with the centennial celebration. Improvements on signage and building aesthetics & facade will go a long way. In reference to the statue of Glenn Hammond Curtiss, and maybe even a smaller replica of one of his inventions, June Bug, or the Flying Fish or the V8 motorcycle, or a memorial of all his inventions & accomplishments, but in my opinion, it should be in the circle or combination. The circle park should be renamed, Glenn Curtiss Circle Park, and with its’ inauguration, as part of the centennial celebration. Many of the past studies, paid by our taxpayers, over the years for revitalization, have always suggested that park should be given a name. None more fitting than, Glenn H. Curtiss Circle Park.

Maybe in conjunction with the band stand or better yet a retractable multi-purpose stage, if feasible, when not used, it could be used for other events or activities. I’m open to ideas, but park must be design professionally. Nothing cheesy because we want to save money. Scratch a good portion of those projects on our upcoming budget, on things like the tacky exercise equipment on Curtis Parkway. Let’s start the campaign with the city’s making the investment in its most priced asset, Glenn Hammond Curtis.

Attached is a rendering of what circle park could look like. Trying to see, if we can put parking around the circle, not just to get us the extra parking we need, but maybe we just force DOT to ease traffic into the Springs because of the changes. Also bringing to their attention, with the use for various activities and attractions to the future Glenn H. Curtiss Circle Park , the need to make it more pedestrian friendly. It’s the center core of our community.

Reimagined Circle
Reimagined Circle

This is the key. If they feel potential lawsuits could arise, if any accidents to residents or visitors could have been prevented, maybe they take us serious enough to make the necessary changes.

If those two ladies could do what they did some years ago, without any help from the city, l would hope this administration has the political clout to get it done. They seem to have it when they really want something.

If the DOT doesn’t want to cooperate, then put Statue of Glenn Curtiss or a tribute to his accomplishments & inventions, but just closer to the circle on Curtiss Parkway section, where we have the Cavalier Clock, and War Memorial. We must create a destination, where not just our residents can enjoy, but visitors from the outside will come. In turn we create the pedestrian traffic that our downtown shoppes and restaurants can benefit, and desperately need. It needs to benefit all, not just one establishment. If you don’t agree, ask your local potential national franchisees , why corporate headquarters keeps turning them down to bring those businesses to Miami Springs. Yes, it all costs money, but if you really wanted it’s out there, look at all the city projects we found money, including $2.5 million for the median project on South Royal Poinciana.

Jorge Santin
Miami Springs Resident 23 years


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  1. Traffic is already bad enough at the circle, can you imagine trying to park as traffic goes by? Didn’t we just finish working on the circle anyway, which by the way, is horrible.

  2. This whole thing is a joke. The English is poor. Clearly, nobody proofread, not even the so-called editor. Nobody asked for this. Nobody wants this. It looks expensive, and as far as I can tell, this Jorge Santin is a real estate person with connections to the city council. Gee, I wonder if he stands to gain anything. This is their great unveiling of a new project for which they will surely raise taxes, and they did not even proofread!

  3. Not opposed to improving but this is awful. Sharp lines and it almost looks like a pentagram can be made out. No green areas. Concrete and asphalt all around. What’s the purpose of the water? That’s unused space if you ask me. You can’t utilize this space for anything.

  4. Wow this is beautiful!! Great rendering Jorge! Well thought out. This is exactly the kind of project Miami Springs should take on. My mouth literally dropped when I saw your rendering becuase I thought I was the only crazy thinking no one is ever going to make this an actual functional circle! Reminds me of the circle in Hollywood beach, FL just a couple minutes north of us, as I mentioned in previous articles.

    I hope the city listens!! Functional in every way.


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