[Miami, FL| August 1, 2022] ā€” With a mission of ownership and opportunity for all Self-Help Credit Union ( is coming to Miami Springs in the fall. The new branch will be located at 101 Curtiss Parkway in the former SunTrust Bank office on the Circle and is expected to open in September/October.

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Sam Chesser is Self-Helpā€™s new Regional Manager/VP. Sam is a ten-year resident of Miami
Springs with more than 15 years of credit union management experience, most recently with BrightStar Credit Union in Broward. Sam is the leader of the Little Revolt nonprofit arts and theater company and is a member of the local Pelican Playhouse board. Sam is also a volunteer historical tour guide at the Curtiss Mansion.

Self-Help Credit Union
Self-Help Credit Union opening in Miami Springs at former SunTrust Location

Sources rank Self-Help as the tenth largest credit union in Florida, with offices in Jacksonville, Orlando, and Tallahassee. While its services benefit everyone, Self-Helpā€™s presence in Miami brings broader access to fair, affordable financing options to communities that have long faced historic barriers to financial inclusion, especially women, rural families, immigrants and communities of color. In addition to homeownership, small business growth, affordable housing and community development will be key areas of focus. Services for members will include savings, checking, term certificates, money market accounts, IRAs, loans, mortgages, online and mobile services, debit and credit cards, and small business/nonprofit accounts.

Headquartered in Durham, NC., Self-Help Credit Union was founded with $77 in proceeds from a bake sale. Self-Help initially focused on helping small businesses and home buyers in underserved areas. It now helps drive economic development and strengthen communities by providing responsible financial services; lending to individuals, small businesses and nonprofits; developing real estate; and promoting fair financial practices across the nation.

Since 1980, Self-Help has provided over $10 billion in financing to over 198,000 families,
individuals, and businesses. Through its credit union network, Self-Help serves thousands of people in Florida, California, Illinois, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and Wisconsin.

More information about Self-Help Credit Union can be found at

As you may remember, Suntrust and BB&T merged and formed a new bank called Truist.Ā  The BB&T branch on Westward is now the Truist Branch.Ā  That left the Suntrust branch on the Circle vacant after the merger.Ā  We are pleased to see Self-Help open right here in beautiful Miami Springs.


Self-Help Credit Union is hiring the following positions:

Job Category:Ā Branch
Requisition Number:Ā ASSIS002451
Schedule:Ā Full Time
Miami Springs, FL 33166, USA

Job Category:Ā Branch
Requisition Number:Ā UNIVE002450
Schedule:Ā Full Time
Miami Springs, FL 33166, USA

Job Category:Ā Branch
Requisition Number:Ā MEMBE002449
Schedule:Ā Full Time
Miami Springs, FL 33166, USA


Review the latest job openings at Self-Help at the following link:


Learn more about Self Help and how they help the community:




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